Extreme enzymes for industry

Harnessing 3 billion years of biology for today’s clean industry.


CinderBio enzymes are made from amazing microbes that thrive in hot volcanic waters around the globe.

We use the most extreme microbes on Earth to make a new class of ultra-stable enzyme formulations for industrial applications. Our enzymes are active and stable in both high heat and low pH and in most detergents.

Enzymes allow industries to do essential chemistry at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods with the added benefits of being faster, more efficient, and biodegradable.


Clean in Place

Clean in Place





CinderBio’s innovative technologies and business model have been recognized in national business plan competitions and competitive commercialization programs.


Chobani Food Tech Residency

The Chobani Incubator launched a residency for food tech startups in our ongoing mission to bring better food to more people. Last fall, we brought two tech startups to the front lines of food manufacturing to enable them to tap into our operations, supply chain, logistics and quality assurance expertise to build innovative solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges.

Backstories: CinderBio

Cyclotron Roads fellows are creating the future of clean energy, advanced manufacturing, and electronics. In this new series, Backstories, we are tracing the decisions and inflection points that landed them here.

Introducing Our Fourth Cohort of Entrepreneurial Technology Fellows

We are thrilled to announce our next cohort of Cyclotron Road fellows. These 13 scientists and engineers will spend the next two years embedded at Berkeley Lab, advancing their technology innovations from promising concepts to first products.

Turning enzymes from the most inhospitable places on earth into consumer products

Scientists are using enzymes from toxic places to make the world a little less toxic.

CinderBio Derives New Enzyme From Yellowstone Hot Springs

CinderBio, a Berkeley-based startup, has achieved a breakthrough in heat and acid resistant enzymes, thanks to Yellowstone National Park extremophiles.

CinderBio Harnesses Extreme Microbes for Greener Industry

Berkeley Lab startup makes a new class of ultra-stable enzyme formulations for industrial applications.

Chamber names three new Visionary Award winners

The Berkeley Chamber of Commerce named neuroscientist Vivienne Ming, co-founder of Socos, biochemist Jill Fuss, founder of CinderBio, and computer game pioneer Will Wright, founder of Stupid Fun Club, winners of this year’s Visionary Awards.

BASES awards $150,000 to startups in annual challenge

CinderBio was founded by internationally recognized biochemists to commercialize extreme enzymes using technology developed from their research.


Join Our Team

CinderBio is growing! We are currently looking for amazing applicants for Research Scientist and Research Associate positions. Please send your CV and why you want to work with extremophiles to jobs@cinderbio.com.